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Tailor Made Service

Holidays mean something different to each of us and we all want something unique for our holiday experience. But there's only so much an Internet search or a travel agency can tell you. Ever wondered what the best kite surfing beaches near Athens are? What buses or trains take you there, or how much the average cab ride will cost? Do you want the real deal, information provided from people who actually know the area, speak the language and will answer your question, no matter how minute or specific it is?

Cheap As Chips provides you with a unique tailor made service.

Just send us your question regarding whatever it is that you want to know about your holiday destination and our operators will do all the digging, calling and reading you don't have the time for.

Our service is as cheap as chips (starting from 1 Euro) and will get you the answer to your question. Just try it for yourself and see! No question too trivial or too complicated, we'll do all your running around for you and you can just choose which suitcase to pack!

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